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Pingwell helps consumers make convenient and smart grocery shopping decisions based on the latest pricing information right on their mobile devices. We are the first to bring price transparency to local grocery shopping with crowd sourced price, product and store layout information--enabling consumers to shop at local grocerystores with the lowest prices while helping each other along the way.

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Our next generation mobile app, Grocery Exchange, will combine the best of our deep consumer mobile experience with powerful new features that allow geo-sensitive product search and local price comparison not available anywhere else.

Releasing soon, stay tuned.

Save Time and Money

Since 2008, Grocery Gadget has been setting new standards for shopping list apps. First on the market to introduce live synch for whole family, automatic store layout, product image exchange, multi-store price analysis, and many more innovations.

The only app availabe on all popular platforms: iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Nokia, Kindle and Web. Learn more...